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This is Karl our new male camel. He has look's, size and personality. Saturday he became a proven breeder with his new son "Chester # 2". We will be breeding out side cows now that we know he's proven. Please call for price and testing requirements.

With the addition of two new females to our herd, Mike and the boys had to put an addition onto the camel barn. We now have a 32 by 32 barn with 16 by 32 of it being heated by a corn furnace.

So far we haven't used it but it gives us a good feeling knowing when the two baby are born sometime in March or April we wont have to worry about it being to cold.

This is Mya the baby that Mike has been feeding from day one of her birth. She will be one this March.

Mya loves the winters months along with the rest of the camels. She always wants to be outdoors.

Mya giving Charlie a little love.

This is Coco our new female. She was given to us from Tammy and Dale Lake from North Platte NE. She was bottle fed from our late friends (Tammy's parents) Bob and Sonja Stone.

Louise, Coco, Karl , Tasha and the wanta be a camel!

Karl-- announcing the birth to the rest of the barnyard and half the people in our very small village.

Baby Chester just hours after being born.

Welcome to my world! Mike and Chester

Helping with the first meal. (Mother Louise)

Mom and Chester at age one week.

Louise taking a little nap.

This is Tasha. Pictures don't get much uglier than this. Kind of looks like one of those sinus commercials. LOL

This is Louise. She is such a beautiful little female and a great mother.

Tasha...Looking much sweeter.

Our first day out of the barn. Our weather and mud has been horrible this year. This was Chester's first real good romp out doors. I wished I had taken my camera with me for the beginning. We laughed till we had tears!

Chester really has a personality. He is still real light in color but I do think he will get darker as he ages.

Any one for a little line dancing?

My Momma's a Llama, but I think with a kiss I could be a camel. Would some one please tell Mike he needs to pucker up a little!


This is a picture of Karl. He just got home today from servicing 5 females. Mike is 6 foot tall so this can give you some idea of what size he is. We will be accepting outside cows this year to breed. Please call for prices and bookings.

Karl.--Silently waiting for the birth of his new offspring. Mike and Karl were checking on Louise every hour all night long

Finally at 4:30 A.M. Bailey was born. It was an easy birth for Louise but was kind of hard on Mike. What a wonderful surprise. Its a GIRL so I get to keep her. My waiting list for a boy will continue to wait.Sorry Margaret and Joey.

It takes a long time for a baby to even attempt to stand. Bailey is one big baby and was up in a few hours. She is about 48 inches tall and weighs about 80 lbs.

She's feeling a lot stronger on her legs here and is starting to know her Mom. Mike is milking mom right now and bottle feeding the baby. I'm sure it is nursing on its own but this makes Mike more comfortable. Louise will let him know in a couple days that she no longer wants his help. I'm so glad that is Mike is doing this instead of me. That was one of the craziest things I ever had to do.

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