Wow. It's hard to believe that our Swap Meet has been going for twenty years! I still remember our first one like it was just yesterday. Guess good memories last forever.

For the 33 years of our marriage we have been involved in a lot of children's lives. We have two children of our own. Eleven grandchildren and our first great grandchild on the way. We have had a large number of foster children that are now raising families of their own. They are still very much a part of our lives and their children acknowledge us as grand parents. God has truly blessed us.

Since our Swap Meet originally started for the 4-H kids around our area we decided we wanted to do something special to celebrate this special year. Whats more fun than a kid's carnival?

Once again Mike is letting me live out some of my childhood dreams (like AJ's and my snow cone machine). We went to Colorado and bought a good amount of carnival equipment (Thanks Chris and Jody). We will be setting this up at the June and Sept Swap Meet. Also we are will be helping with the Music Dept carnival Nov 30th from 3:00 to 8:00 at the Allen Fire Hall. We will try to take pictures and post a lot of our activities here. If anyone would like to volunteer to help at the swap meet just call me. We can always use extra hands.

We are doing our community fund raisers free to help give back to a Village that has so freely given to us. I would however love to hire out to other fund raisers or festivals to help recover my costs a little. Please pass the word on. Check our activity lists often as we will be making a lot of changes on this page. Did I mention that all KIDS ARE FREE admittance this year! Sorry adults. I still have to charge you to kind of pay the advertisement.

Please come help us celebrate and make this the biggest and best year yet.



Finally, Our first carnival

Humm, we learned a lot of good lessons on our first carnival. A few of the highlights are that it takes a whole lot of people to run one. (Thanks you band students and Parents) Even though you'd like to have everyone go home with a lot of teddy bears and prizes you really should put a little higher playing skills on the games. Age limits might be nice. If your taking pictures to put on your web page always clean the lenses first. LOL. All in all I think everything went great. We had a fantastic time and I think the kids did also.

I'd like to personally give a huge thanks to some of the best neighbors I could ever ask for. Thanks you Tammy and Mike for all the hours of your help. Your little family is awesome!

"Even clowns like little piggy kisses"

Eric's Little Choo will be running again this year at the Swap Meet. Had a little engine trouble this year so AJ used the four wheeler.

My two borrowed sons. Santa did better than they did. LOSERS!

Now this is one hard game!

The Basketball Toss

The Fishing Curtain. Sorry neighbor. Guess you just cant catch them at the pond or the fire hall. LOL. Thanks Steve and Melissa for the neat bobber cooler.

We made the Quarter Toss and Furby Furbie game and purchased the Bottle Blast.

Our Shuffle Hock made by us. Driving Range and Rainbow Roll. Thanks Chris for donating the Driving Range. It is a blast!

The Frog Hop created by Mike and Myself

Cream can toss painted by me.

The dart board that was painted at 2 in the morning because it was forgotten!

A game created by Tammy and myself.

Ping Pong and Cane Ring Toss.

Our Deep Sea Casting. Thanks Allen art class for doing it for us!

We didn't get to set this up because of the size but will for the swap meet.

Part of the set up.

Oh dead eye here!

If Santa can't climb Jacobs Ladder please tell me how he's going to get down chimneys this year!

Our wheel of fortune and dice game.

How often do you see a clown, a pig and Santa kissing the pig all on one picture?

Twin Spin Team Building Bikes
(starting looking for a team mate now)

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