Our Events Schedule

28th Annual Spring Animal Swap Meet. 
June 10th and 11th, 2017

Fall Animal Swap Meet. 
September 9th and 10th, 2017

If you need directions to our farm - Click Here for a map.

Please note that the online map programs do not seem to be able to find our actual address of 212 N. Hwy 9, Allen, NE so the map is simply to get to Allen, NE once here we are easy to find as we are the first place South of the railroad tracks which are on the North edge of town. We are on the East side of the highway.

You can Click Here to Print Our Flyer. Please feel free to print and post as many copies as you like, any help in getting the word out about our swap meets will be greatly appreciated. The flyer may take awhile to load depending on your internet connection speed.

Vendors are welcome to come in early to set up. We do not hold spots for people. We are some what limiting people to space requirements so please, lets be reasonable.I feel a horse trailer and one vehicle is big enough. If you need to have more a small fee might apply. Also if you come in during the night please do not drive into the creek or our pond. If you have never been here before and are unsure where to go please just part along the driveway and we will park you in the morning. If it is raining we would prefer to have you wait for us. If you do come in and park in the middle of where we drive, rest assured that you will be asked to move your set up in the morning. Friday we do not charge for, but please get up and go to the front gate early Saturday to get registered, pay for your set up fee and get your clipboard and paper work. Like anything else our paper work has to be in order for the state.
Lunch Stand
I have worked hard to provide you with a licensed lunch stand in the pasture. In fact it is the hardest part of the swap meet for me and your support is appreciated. This is the only way I have to pay for our advertising so other food vendors are not allowed. SORRY FOOD VENDORS!. It is not opened on Friday night but you should be able to get something to eat at our new Gas Station across the street. I offer a huge menu that should satisfy most taste buds on Saturday and Sunday and also have a breakfast Menu.As of now (January) The Village Inn is once again closed. I have no idea of what their plans are. I think they should just sell it to me and let me make a Community Center for all ages..LOL Just kidding. Miss my Cafe all of a sudden. I do have a grill in the front yard that you could use Friday Night.

The gate opens both day at 6:30 a.m.
Rummage Sales
Our Village for many years has had annuals garage sales on Saturday. We have many vendors that hit all of them and come back out here and sell their treasures. I have had a few people just bring their tables out and set the rummage sales up here. Will try to have maps available here. If any of our neighboring towns would like to set up please feel free to call me.
Convenience Store
Our convenience store across the street has been fantastic for our little Village. They match our city prices on gas and carry a huge supply of grocery and beverage items.They will have plenty of ice on hand so you don't need to worry about stopping and filling up on the way. You can get it all in Allen now.
My apologies if I have left anything or anyone out. I'm pushing my dead lines as it is. I don't have any employees or helpers to gather information for me and I think I might be getting Kinda Old! LOL
Mini Carnival
 Hopefully around 10 we will be starting kid activities. (We live by the weather here). We have purchased a mini carnival to be used. We have over twenty games that we have either bought or made. We also have a awesome bounce house that we set up for the kiddy's I collect prizes all year long for this and all the kids go home with prizes. Bring a garbage bag to help carry them.
Eric’s Lil’ Choo Choo
This has been a kid’s favorite for several years now. It’s a barrel train painted by me that’s just a little different. Ride in an army tank, a horse, a cow, a ladybug, a red neck truck or a daisy air care helicopter.
Rooster Crowing Contest
This is so funny. It will be between 1:30 and 2:00 on the bridge by the pond I n the pasture. I will announce it over the PA system several times. No age requirements on this. Put grandma in it. Is free. First place winner gets a very nice trophy. All others get a treat.
Front Yard BBQ/Pot Luck Supper
All vendors and helpers are invited to the front yard Saturday for a BBQ and Bonfire after the swap. Please bring your own place settings, meat for the grill and a dish of some sort to be shared. I don't have extra space in my refrigerators on this weekend so please bring your own coolers. This is the most favorite part of the swap meet for us. We get to sit back and visit with everyone and it's like a big family reunion. Many, many stories of past swap meets are shared around the campfire. We are hoping you will become part of the stories

Swap Meet
The swap meet will again start around 8:00. A lot of our vendors are only here for Saturday so it's a much smaller day. This however is the best day to get bargains. What you couldn't get brought on Saturday might be offered at a much less price on Sunday. (If it hasn't been sold yet). Do not be afraid to make offers.
Sunday Activities
 Sunday Sunday will be run the same as Saturday except some of the kids activities will probably start a little earlier in the day.
 Squeal Like a Pig Contest
I love this event the most. Many of the kids are from the city and have never have been around a hog. The noises they make are unbelievable to say the least. Again I give a beautiful trophy to the first place winner. All others get a treat

Most of our vendors will be packing and heading home around two o'clock. Some of these people have eight hours driving time or better. Please come early as not to miss this on Sunday.

One more note. If any of you have nothing to do and would like to volunteer to help please let us know. Hard work. Lots of sweat and no pay.LOL. I'm sure we could provide meals and some good memories.

Please pass our web page address on to your friends and feel free to post our event onto facebook, twitter or other such pages. Thanks. Am really looking forward to the swaps.






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