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What is a animal swap meet?

We are asked this question all the time. I hope this helps you a little but if you have any questions whatsoever please don't t Hesitate to call me. A swap meet is not an auction. A swap meet allows people to hold, examine exchange the health records, diets and other information to make sure the animal can transition comfortably into its new home.

Who sells my stuff at a swap meet?

You or whom ever you bring to help you is responsible for selling your animals. You put your own price on your stuff and can trade or lower the price as you see fit. You have the full control of whom is going to own your animal.

Do pay commission on what I sell?

No. You simply pay your ten-dollar a day sit up fee and the rest is yours. If you sell $10,000 dollars it is still only going to cost you ten dollars. That's the beauty of a swap meet!

As a vendor do I have to pay admission on my family?

No. Your vendor spot includes your family children or a helper. I do ask that if more than just your family is sitting up selling that they pay for a vendor spot also. What can I bring to the swap meet? You can bring almost anything to a swap meet that is legal. Live animals, animal products, pet store supplies, specialty feed, produce out of your garden or farm, antique's, tack, horse trailers, crafts, jewelry, candles and so on. We do not limit you to just animals but they are the main focus of the swap.

What about guarantees?

All guarantees and deals are between the buyer and sellers. I strongly recommend that you exchange business cards, addresses phone numbers or written agreements if you have made one. Sometime if the animal is having a hard time adjusting to the new home the previous owner might be able to suggest something.

Can you help me locate a vendor I bought from?

There is a good chance that we can help you if it is an animal and the vendors keep the sheets filled out as they are suppose to. Many times we are able to trace a vendor by just knowing the location they camped in.

What about a bad check? Will you help me recover my money?

No. All deals and agreements are between the buyer and seller. If I personally know the person I will give you all the information on how to contact them. They will also get an invitation not to come back to the following swap meet.

Can I bring animals that I'm not selling to the swap meet?

We are all about our pets and family so the answer is yes you may. I wouldn't think about going someplace and leaving my dog home for the weekend. Also many of us are feeding bottle babies, birds or what ever and have no choice. I do ask that if you bring your dogs that they be kept on a leash or kenneled. Also be responsible with your pet. If it's sitting next to birds or other animals and they are disturbing them please move them to another spot in your camp area. It is also important that they are current on rabies and their shots. I need to remind all vendors that you are responsible for your animal's actions.

Do I need to send cages with my animals when I sell them?

Some buyers do not bring their own cages, so it's a good idea on planning on having extra cages to give or sell to improve your chance of a sale. I like to suggest to people to start collection cardboard boxes and collapse them for easy storage. Bring a roll of duck tape and a knife to cut good ventilation holes in it and you usually have a safe box to transport an animal home in for the buyer.

What about feed, water, and shelter for my animals?

This is your responsibility. We do not handle or care for the animals. All animals must have clean food and water in their cages. If bedding is required then you must have that. You must have something to protect them for the sun, rain or wind. A lot of people bring tents like what Menard's sells for carport as an example. You can also bring sheets, cardboard, tarps, blankest and things like that to provide shade or protection.

What do I do if one of my animals gets loose?

It happens all the time and sometimes it's the kid's highlight for the weekend. Almost all the vendors will help run something down but it's a good ideal to bring a dip net with you. If you have house birds with full wings I suggest you trim them We are limited on getting animals out of the trees

What happens if my animal or items get lost or stolen?

It is your responsibility to be attending your own animals so as long as you are doing this I don't look to see this happen. We are no not responsible for this if it should happen. Most of our vendors get to know each other and help each other watch your spots if you need to leave for a bit.

Other than vendors fee is there anything else I need to do to bring items to the swap meet?

When you first come in you will be giving a clipboard and a paper to keep track of all the animals that you sell. You will also get a bidding number that you must use if you are buying from other vendors. It's very simple to fill out and you only need to list the animals sold. The State requires us to keep records just like the auctions. No big deal. These are to be turned in before you leave.

What about pens for large animals?

I do not furnish pens for animal but I will allow you to put up corral panels, cattle panels or what ever you need to make them safe. I just ask that you clean the ground up as best as you can when you leave. You are welcome to put tee post in to support your pens.

Bring food for your animals, pedigrees, papers, shot records; wildlife permits numbers and your USDA papers if your pets require them. Business cards sometimes will give you business all year long. A lot of people walk away from a deal and after sleeping on it have regrets later and are trying to trace that vendor down. Always bring what ever it takes to make you comfortable to camp. Raincoats and boots are almost always a must at my farm LOL. It's a great ideal to always throw a coat or sweat shirt in for the BBQ and bonfire. Also if you are a smoker I would appreciate it if you would bring something to put your buts into so I don't have to pick them off he ground. I lost an animal that ate a lot of them one year them loaded up on water. I will never forget it.

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