Highlander Cattle

Our Scottish Highland Cattle have drawn a crowd regardless where we put then. They are the oldest registered breed of cattle, whose time has come. They have the ability to thrive in less than ideal circumstances. They have outstanding mothering instincts, longevity, and have low calf mortality.

Highlands require little in the way of shelter, feed supplements, or expensive grain to achieve and maintain good condition. These cattle are excellent browsers, able to clear a brush lot with speed and efficiency. They will do well on poorer pasture or rangeland where other breeds will fail. Despite long horns and an unusual appearance, Highlands are even-tempered, bulls as well as cows. I still have my first cow that was used by my granddaughter as a 4-H project twelve years ago. We can walk up to her yet and rub her stomach. She has produced a calf every year.

Our Nebraska cold weather and snow have little effect on them. Our small herd loves it. I do recommend that you keep them with lots of shade trees and a pond if you have one in the hotter months. I love seeing them standing in the pond. It makes for a beautiful picture.

Our market today is demanding premium meat, yet leaner and lower in cholesterol. Highlands produce meat that is lean, well marbled and flavorful, with little outside waste. They are a perfect choice regardless if you're a large producer, or like us with our back yard acreage.

We have decided that we are going to down size the numbers we are keeping. Pastures are getting harder to rent in our area, and we are raising more that we can eat. I will be listing picture of our breeding stock shortly, and a few pictures of what we have for sale. Please check back often.

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