Attention Buyers and Sellers

Cattle: ONLY Miniature breeds ie; lowline, dexter etc. allowed.
Pigs: ONLY Miniature breeds ie; pot bollied etc. allowed.


Nebraska State Law LB884


Attention ALL Nebraska animals owners. ALL Large Animals (goats, sheep, cattle, ponies, donkeys, and Llamas) are required to have health papers to be sold. A vet will be onsite to issue health papers from 8:30 to 10:00 for those needing them. If you pull in with no health papers after that you will not be allowed to unload them or sell them. She will be charging you $15:00 for them. That is for the whole load. Not per head as they do in the city's. Nothing has changed for the out of state people. You still must have the proper testing if required on certain animals. Also a port of entry. Your vet can help you with that. I must collect those papers at the gate when you enter. If you want your originals then have a copy made to be able to hand to us. I have 7 days to turn them into the state. Sound like its going to be hard guys but honestly when we all get use to it, it wonít be. Iím sure we all want good healthy animals here. Thanks for understanding. If you have any questions you are welcome to call Dr Schomer at 402-471-2351.



Mike and Valerie