Past Swap Meets

A stroll down memory lane

Fall 2013 Crow Like A Rooster Winner
Braeden Orr

Fall 2013 Squeal Like A Pig Winner
Ben Coughlin

Kathys Pond Plants

Sweethaven Exotic's set up

Contest attracts all ages

It rains every year so we added mud vollyball now.

We have bad stuff in our mud.

Had to do the laundry for one of these!

Hand Carved. Wow!

Squeal Like a Pig winner Spring 2009
Jacob Ryan, Allen NE, Age13. Fall 2009

Rooster Crowing Spring 2009 winner
Jackie Holman from Tyndall SD, Age 8, Fall of 2009

Squeal Like a Pig Spring 2009 winner
Austen Eisenhauer, Age 5, Magnet NE

Rooster Crowing Spring 2009 winner
Catrina Lyle, Age 5, Allen NE

This is the Polaris Flare band out of Omaha Ne setting up for the Saturday night entertainment.

We get a lot of great bottle babies here. State permits required on raccoons. Apply before the swaps please.

Just hanging out!

I feel in love with this picture

It's Mine!, Dad and thats the end of this story. Take it up with Mom!

Hummmm -- Just thinking about it!

Rick and Joey always have a great bird selection. That goofy looking thing sitting there worries me.

Sierra Brahmsteadt
Sept 2008 Winner of the Roooster Crowing contest.

Here's the Winner of the June Pig Squealing contest.
A little Girl from Allen

First place winner of the Squeal like a Pig Contest Spring '06 is Autum Luger from Bloomfield, NE

Best dressed goat contest
1st place - "98

The winner of the Rooster Crowing Contest Spring '06 is Brandi Miller of Sioux City, IA

Best Dressed Chicken Contest
1st place - "98

Preparing For the contest

Sit back relax, and enjoy a horse and wagon ride

Come and meet Baby the trained Umbrella Cockatoo
owned by Sue Zimmerman - Zimmerman Pets, Sioux City, Iowa

Enjoy lunch, all the great activites, a fun filled day for your entire family.

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