Look what we found at the Swap Meet.
Wampus our watusi.

This is Wampus and some of his barn year friends. He gets along so good with every animal on our farm.

Love looking out and seeing the goats play king of the hill on his back when he is resting.

Our Alpacas. Hope we get a baby this year. Not looking forward on learning how to clip them this spring.

Sandy is my beautiful little Fennec Fox. She lives in our house and runs with the dogs and cats. All night long she is bringing food to the sleeping puppies. Would love to find a male for her as I think motherhood would be perfect for her. She has learned to beg like the pups.

Sandy isn't crazy about a bath but never has fought me on one. A very gentle baby shampoo is what we use. She loves the snuggle time wrapped in a towel when we are done.

Don't you just want to kiss a little face like that? I'd love to hear from other people that have pet Fennec Foxes in their homes.

Nap Time

Ima Pig and her favorite monkey.

We bottle fed this little buffalo all summer for the Two Damn Buffalo farm. The cowboys I babysit for are going to break it to ride this spring.


Valerie and Christy

Baby Ivy

Honey Bunny ???

New little boar prospect that we just purchased (Oct 23) from the Sweethaven Exotic Farm in Gibbon NE.

We have a beautiful little female coming this week to combine the best to the best. Watch for a new blood line in the making.

I feel pretty...Oh So Pretty!

My Aoudad girls, also known as the Barbary Sheep. They are a goat-antelope type sheep found in the rocky mountains of North Africa.

We raise a few pygmy goats.These are a few of our nannies.

Young Billy Pygmy

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

My favorite Emu

Call Ducks
Heading from a dry lot pen
to my Koi Pond----Darn!

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