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Wow! I'm happy with the great start we are having for 2011. Not only did I get the new minature Stallion of my dreams but we have just purchaced all of Sweet Havens Exotic Farms pot bellied pigs. We have bought pigs from each other for as long as I can remember. Joey has promoted and worked on his blood line to get some of the best looking producers in many states. He has shipped piglets all over the USA. We will work hard on giving you the same quality as he offered. I do plan on shipping my babies as sold but am not sure of what airport I will be using. Contact me by email if you are needing this service.

Thank you Joey and Rick for allowing us to take over. Good luck in following your dreams in the miniature horse world. You have a great start.

I am going to use all of Sweet Havens pictures and descriptions to show you what we now own. I will be changing this page often as I also have some great little piggies of our own but am lacking pictures.

Our small herd of Pot belly pigs consisting of many colors, short noses, and nice potbelly bodies. We like to show off our little piggies because we think we have very nice quality ones.

We have a nice typey little boar "REX". He is white with roan spots on his rear. He is very fuzzy like the true potbellies are. In the winter he gets so fuzzy that the hair on his legs starts to curl. He is a very social little guy and craves attention. Rex is 3 years old and will be our main breeding boars. We also have a son that we purchased from Sweet Haven a while back to go with another bood line we have. Never dreamed we would end up owning Rex.

Rudy Loo's babies were born April 16th. Their needle teeth were cut at three days of age. All her baby's will come with a brand new receiving blanket, a bag of pot belly pig feed, a snuggle toy and a pedigree made special for the Love-A-Lop Farm. You can either put it in a frame or in a scrapbook page for that special girl or boy. My pigs are priced on a point system that I use to grade them. The better the baby... the more I ask. Two of these little pigs are about a third smaller than all the others.

I have had a lot of request to neuter the males. We have a great vet from Laurel (Dr, Dave Camenizind) will do this for us for a charge of $10.00. That includes my gas.

How often do you see six piggys all lined up LOL

This little girl is going to be extra extra small. She has two white socks on her front legs. Sweet little personality and loves to be held. My pick of the girls.$200.00

This is the other extra extra small little boy. I think the picture pretty well says it all about him.He's a keeper and will either make a great pet or a small breeder.Asking $100.00 for him (if I don't decide to use him for a replacement boar.)

Has lots of little freckles on her. Short nose with black on it.Going to be a small cubby with big tummy $75.00

Could not get a good picture of him. After giving him a bath for pictures he was scared to death. Had to add things for him to hide behind. Will gladly send more pictures on request.. Is white with black ring around top of nose. Very cute. Good put together little boar. $50.00

White boy with a few small freckles on him. Thought it was mud and tried to scrub them off. He was not a happy camper getting pulled from mom. Washed up and then darn pictures. LOL. Another good little male. $50.00

Nice little chunky girl with extra nice head and nose. She really likes my dog that keeps going over to see her. Seems to have no fear.

First babies for 2011 out of Reesha and Rex


This is a litter of babies Joey had in 2008. Two of these white ones were shipped out to Washington D.C. to be used in a performing pig show. The spotted one is IVY.

This is Ivy all grown up. She is know all over our area from her charming personality and great little babies

Rooty Loo Very exceptional color on this sow, notice the great jowls and very short body type. This is one of Ivy's baby's. Exposed to Rex for April 2011

Ruby Loo. Notice the unusual color with this sow. If you look at her mothers picture she has kind of a red roan look to her. She was candy apple red when she was a baby. Best disposition you could ask for with a breeding sow. Exposed to Rex for April 2011

Ruby's Last Litter in 2010.

What a kissable little face huh!!

A past litter. Look at the great heads and noses on these piglets.

Rheana- Black and White hamp gilt (First baby SweetHaven kept for breeding). Of coarse she is all grown up now but we loved this picture. LOL She still loves dogs.

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